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ON SALE Muncie 4 Speed Transmission M21 ALL NEW INSIDE $2899.00

Complete Muncie Transmission Units

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ON SALE Muncie 4 Speed Transmission M21 ALL NEW INSIDE $2899.00

ON SALE Muncie 4 Speed Transmission M21 ALL NEW INSIDE $2899.00ON SALE Muncie 4 Speed Transmission M21 ALL NEW INSIDE $2899.00ON SALE Muncie 4 Speed Transmission M21 ALL NEW INSIDE $2899.00
ON SALE Muncie 4 Speed Transmission M21 ALL NEW INSIDE $2899.00ON SALE Muncie 4 Speed Transmission M21 ALL NEW INSIDE $2899.00

Note: All Muncie 4 Speeds are Built To Order, Call Us With Your Application for Current Build Time and Delivery Date.

ON SALE  Muncie 4 Speed M21. $2899.99 OR WITH Muncie CORE exchange $2499.99. If you have no useable core the price is $2899.99!! Questions on our core exchange policy? CALL 1-877-614-4327  Shipping cost on the new unit is $150.00 or less to anywhere in the lower 48 (call TOLL FREE 877-614-4327 for shipping cost to your location) THESE ARE ALL BRAND NEW INSIDE, Completely restored origianl case, tail ect outside. These are not someone else's USED or "Rebuilt" junk, with a bunch of old used parts, gears and such. Read this description and look at the photos of what we put in ALL of our units, call us, ask questions, we like to talk Muncie's. These are as close to BRAND NEW as an ORIGINAL Muncie 4 speed gets! M21 Close Ratio Muncie 4 speed. These have a 10 spline input and 27 spline output. The case, extension, midplate, shift cover are all original parts and are restored with our proprietary system to as new condition. These are not painted or "Blasted" these cases are finished professionally right back to original brand new finish. These units are all new inside as the photo will show, ALL GEARS, bearings, seals, small parts, countershaft, sliding clutches, thrust washers, brass synchronizer rings and assemblies, bushing, speedometer gears, hardware, bearing retainer, virtually EVERYTHING is BRAND NEW except for the reconditioned case, tail, mid plate, levers and shift cover. Professionally manufactured in our Central Michigan facility. If you need a wide ratio or close ratio Muncie, and don't care if it is "Numbers Matching" for your car, these are our "BEST VALUE" M21's. NOTE: There will be NO WARRANTY for NOISE. The Muncie 4 Speed in it's original form was NOT a whisper quiet transmission, therefore, you may experience some whine or gear sound with these units. If you want silence, try some of the new fancy 5 or six speeds on the market. These are good, solid Muncie 4 speeds that look, work and sound as the originals. Cores cannot be welded, cracked or have stripped threads. Broken or chipped aluminum of any kind will greatly reduce or totally negate any core value allowed. The inside geartrain is of little significance to us, but, the case, mid plate, side cover and tail need to be perfect or nearly perfect! Loose countershaft pin hole will reduce core value by $175.00, cracks in case, NO CORE VALUE Welded ANYTHING will VOID all core value, again NO CORE VALUE on WELDED ANYTHING, NO core value for broken ears, or broken ANYTHING on the aluminum which is case, tail, mid plate, side cover.  WE SEND A RETURN SERVICE TAG FOR YOUR CORE AT NO CHARGE TO YOU. YOU SIMPLY BOX UP YOUR UNIT AND SEND IT TO US WITH THE RETURN SERVICE TAG. NOTE: EACH OF THESE UNITS IS BUILT TO ORDER JUST FOR YOU, SO WE MAY INCLUDE THE CORRECT SPEEDOMETER GEARING, SHIFT COVER & LEVER STYLE, TAIL HOUSING STYLE, ETC. DELIVERY TIMES VARY, FROM SHIP SAME DAY, TO 14 DAYS, DEPENDING ON DEMAND. CALL      TOLL FREE USA 1-877-614-4327 AND ORDER YOURS.

6 month NON ABUSE warranty on all of our Muncie units Questions? Call our HELP line TOLL FREE 1-877-614-4327 Monday thru Thursday 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. EST.     We do Muncie M20, M21, M22 4 speed transmissions.

Part No: RSG-M21-VPU

Price: $3,699.99
Sale Price: $2,899.99
In Stock

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