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Chevy 12 Bolt Car Eaton Posi LSD Elite Gear Pkg

12 Bolt Chevy CAR

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Chevy 12 Bolt Car Eaton Posi LSD Elite Gear Pkg

Elite Gear


Elite ring and pinion sets use the latest engineering and manufacturing technology to produce OEM quality gears at an affordable price. All Elite gears are machined from premium 8620 alloy steel, then heat treated to the strictest standards for maximum strength and durability. Elite gears then go through an extensive lapping process to assure easy setup, excellent contact patterns, and quiet operation.  


Eaton Posi LSD


The Eaton Posi limited-slip differential prevents wheel slip before it can get started. To do that, carbon disc clutch packs, preloaded by a central spring assembly, are located behind each differential side gear. When torque input increases the clamping load on the clutch packs increases. That causes the chatter-free clutch packs to grab and transfer power to the other wheel. Muscle cars, hot rods and mild off-road vehicles should look to Eaton's limited-slip differential for their traction answers. And the fact is, Eaton's Posi units are virtually bullet proof.​


Recommended oil is standard 80/90 weight (non-synthetic) (with posi additive).


Master Install Kit


Premium master install kit uses only the highest quality components including Koyo brand bearings. Included are carrier bearings and races, pinion bearings and races, pinion seal, complete shim kit, ring gear bolts, pinion nut, crush collar (if applicable), thread lock, marking compound, brush, and gasket or RTV silicone.  


Application: 1965-1972 GM 8.875" Chevy 12 Bolt Car Rearend (12 bolt rear cover)


Axle Spline: 30


Pinion Splines: 30


Package Includes:


1- Chevy 12 Bolt Car Elite Ring and Pinion set


1- Chevy 12 Bolt Car Eaton Posi LSD


1- Chevy 12 Bolt Car Master Install Kit


Part No: RSG GM12P-Eaton-WK GM12P

Price: $945.00
Sale Price: $850.00
In Stock

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